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MN Education Equity Partnership


Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP) uses a race equity lens to transform educational institutions, organizations, and leaders to ensure that students of color and American Indian students achieve full academic and leadership success. The MnEEP vision is a just society in which an equitable educational ecosystem ensures all students achieve their full potential. Achieving this vision would mean that race is no longer a predictor of educational success. Visit our strategies and campaigns at www.mneep.org or follow us on FaceBook and Twitter at @MNEEPRaceEquity

Our work:

Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP) is Minnesota’s first people of color-led education organization. As a highly respected organization long in the movement of advocating for more equitable educational opportunities for people of color and Indigenous peoples (POCI), we are a leading education voice for racial equity and engagement of students, parents and communities. Our strategic levers to bring about change include: advocacy, research, policy analysis, networking, and convening stakeholders in the education ecosystem. MnEEP occupies a central role of this work in Minnesota with and for POCI students and does so by evoking, amplifying and reflecting the experiences and voices of those most impacted by inequitable systems of education.

MnEEP uses a collaborative approach to directly work with racial and ethnic communities in order to capture unearthed wisdom that produces new policies and practices to promote racially equitable education outcomes. We couple this with a body of education equity research to add reviewed evidence to these shared experiences. Important to our logic model, is that MnEEP engages with community-based groups, parents and students, and with formal education institutions. By doing so, MnEEP is able to move statewide education policy into systemic action-- deeply centered on race equity.

Our 5 Big Bold Goal areas to transform education in Minnesota have resulted in collective action, narrative shifts, and policy shifts for the education ecosystem of Minnesota. Highlights include:

1.) equity action planning in rural communities and new leadership frameworks on race equity for school leaders

2.) addressing school discipline code policies

3.) designing better frameworks for teacher of color pathway developmenst

4.) advancing new state policies for emerging multilingual learners (EMLs) and 5.) driving greater understanding of college access, completion and race equity.

The organization also provides: technical assistance for design thinking and education equity planning; cultural competency training for teachers; and tailored education equity presentations for school boards, teachers, or communities. MnEEP believes building and supporting networks of leaders is critical to advancing race equity in education. We support networks in each of the Big Bold goal areas through on-going convenings, learning sessions, and our communication tools. We aim to deepen understandings of race equity, develop peer support practices, explore tools for advancing their vision, develop strategies for resisting attacks on their work, and commit to engaging the public together.