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The mission of Minnesota Learner Centered Network is to connect and empower educators and students to disrupt systemic racism and to transform learning environments to be student-centered; equitable, relevant, engaging and designed with and for all students.


The Minnesota Learner Centered Network envisions an anti-racist society and a just world through an equitable, anti-racist education.


What does the MLCN do?

Connect Educators  |  Equip and Encourage  |  Elevate and Accelerate 

MLCN is a grassroots network that is a catalyst to promote equity within education and to accelerate the learner-centered movement in Minnesota.  MLCN elevates the quality work of the members who are moving towards an anti-racist, student centered educational system.

The MLCN will bring fidelity, resilience and sustainability to learner-centered environments within schools, communities and districts across MN.

Why a Network?

"Networks offer a structure for linking people and groups of people with a shared vision and shared values to build and strengthen the relationships necessary to shift big systems."

--Networks: Resourcing Relationships and Interdependence

for an Equitable Future Now, 

by Natalie Bamdad and Alison Lin

June 2022

Who Leads the Network?

Leadership Team

Julene Oxton
Gina Mienertz
Renee Swanson
Tim Quealy

Who are the MLCN Members and Schools?

MLCN Data  (1500 × 2000 px).png

What are MLCN members committed to?

  • Members reflect, acknowledge, and examine practices, policies, and curriculum to disrupt the current system and to build an equitable student centered education system.

  • Members honor the humanity of student-centered learning; recognizing and valuing the uniqueness of each person and school they represent; inclusive of public district, public charter and private sectors.

  • Members contribute to the network and utilize the network to actively dismantle the hierarchical power of the current system and distribute the power to the student and teacher leaders

  • Members lift stories of students and teachers to create the narrative of the student-centered learning, equity movement in MN.

How Do Members Get Involved?

  • There are lots of great ways to get involved with the Minnesota Learner-Centered Network. 

  • First, become a member to stay in-the-know with monthly newsletter updates and timely information about upcoming learner-centered events and opportunities.

  • Second, continue your journey with us - learn from network members, connect with our outstanding partners, and get support for your learner-centered environment.

  • Third, engage!  Come alone or with a team and be inspired by a site visit tour, partner with another school and share solutions, collaborate with network member schools with support from our School Collaboration Grants, or join the Critical Friends Group with like-minded peers as you reflect and iterate on issues in your own environments.

  • Lastly, we are always looking for more voices on our leadership teams and advisory board.  Contact Julene ( for more information.  

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