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The Minnesota Learner-Centered Network has adopted these seven principles - researched and defined by our partners at Education Evolving - to help describe, identify, and support practices we believe are core tenets of Student-Centered Learning Environments.

Real-World Relevant

Students solve real-world problems and learn skills they will use in their own lives.


These schools provide great examples of how

Real-World Relevant

can look in different Learner-Centered Environments. These exemplar school environments provide a chance to showcase successful implementations and provide support for discussion, learning, and growth.

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Paladin Career & Technical High School
High School
Farmington High School
High School
Level Up Academy
Spring Grove Public Schools
High School


Student Learning for Success in the Real World | NGLC

Practical Article:

Learn how a project is not really authentic unless it is in the real world, connected directly to the lives of students and real issues in their communities.

PBL: What Does It Take for a Project to Be ‘Authentic’? | Edutopia  

Elementary Specific:  Empowering Kids to Be Part of the Solution


Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth  - Patricia Moore Harbour


Kindergarteners as Experts on Vimeo (5:36)

Nurturing Student Creativity and Passion (5:05)

Ted Talk:

"What is relevant education?": Emanuel Souvairan at TEDxUNIGE (11:51)

School Example:

New Harmony High


To read more about how positive identity helps create a more equitable school environment, see the Equity in Student Centered Learning Guide (pages 18-19).

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