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MLCN is lucky to count the following organizations among its close partners in helping to accelerate learner-centered environments across Minnesota and beyond!  Select to learn more.

Brigid Moriarty-Guerrero

Longview Education


We believe that every school can be a place of joyful learning where each student is known, heard, and challenged.

Our work:

We Build Educator Capacity for Equitable + Student Centered Learning.

We do this work by:

-Creating relationships where educators are trusted and feel supported

-Working together to uncover and address challenges

-Personalizing our support so that each person gets what they need

Leveraging educator expertise and research-based frameworks, we take the long view on the work to create sustainable change by working in participatory and interconnected ways.

Empowered Educator Coaching

We use a set of developmental questions, mapped to our Core 8 (see below) to understand every person’s strengths. We then work together to design a personalized coaching & support plan for individuals or groups of educators.

Participatory Professional Learning

We have developed a Participatory process that is equity-conscious, democratic, and research-based. It allows educators, students, parents/guardians, and relevant community institutions to come together to collaboratively respond to complex challenges in education. This type of participation creates conditions to gain a more nuanced understanding of the root causes, increase understanding and respect between stakeholders, and build a sense of empowerment among participants to solve problems.