Minnesota Learner-Centered Network

The mission of Minnesota Learner-Centered Network is to connect and empower educators and students to disrupt systemic racism and to transform learning environments to be student-centered; equitable, relevant, engaging and designed with and for all students.


The Minnesota Learner-Centered Network envisions an anti-racist society and a just world through an equitable, anti-racist education.


MLCN | Guiding Principles

Acknowledge systemic racism

The MLCN members recognize the current educational system is based on the values of white culture that perpetuates oppression through racist policy, practices and bias.

Promote belonging

The MLCN members honor the humanity of student-centered learning; recognizing and valuing the uniqueness of each person and school they represent.

Celebrate storytelling

The MLCN members lift stories of students and teachers creating the narrative of the student-centered learning movement.

Bridge people, schools, organizations

The MLCN members align the supporting work of partner organizations to the needs of the school practitioners; collaborating around new ideas and learning together.

To realize the vision of MLCN:

Members reflect, acknowledge, and examine practices, policies, and curriculum to disrupt the current system and to build an equitable student centered education system.

Members represent educational leaders from all MN populations geographically and demographically, and inclusive of both public district and public charter sectors.

Members actively dismantle the hierarchical power of the current system and distribute the power to the student and teacher leaders.

Members find value in the network and contribute to the network.

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How can I get involved?


Be inspired!

Reimagine what school can look like and get inspiration from visiting a learner-centered  environment.  Guided tour dates showcase the school's strengths, while leaving time for reflection, discussion, and questions with school leaders and students.

Are you wondering what a learner-centered  environment 

can look like?


Reflect - Design - Do

Two teams from two different schools work through an action research design cycle together.


Grant funds available - up to $2,000/school!

Apply today!

Are you seeking other like-minded colleagues to think with, to design with, to celebrate with? 


Go deeper with Partner Schools

MLCN will help you find a school to explore a specific learner-centered practice with! Or, if you know your deep dive partner school, apply for the stipend now.


Each school receives $500 

to support two convenings.

Are you wondering how another school does ________?


Create solutions together

Engage in critical friend protocols, conversations, and problems of practice to gain insights to advance your work and help others to do the same.

Three sessions long, limit of 12 participants.

Stipend of $150/person.

Are you wondering how another school does _______?

MNLCN.org was created through a collaboration with students from Avalon School.  Our logo was designed by Avalon students Emma Goff and Clare Jordan.

MLCN is proud to partner with the following organizations:

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