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The Minnesota Learner-Centered Network has adopted these seven principles - researched and defined by our partners at Education Evolving - to help describe, identify, and support practices we believe are core tenets of Student-Centered Learning Environments.

Positive Relationships

Students have relationships with adults and peers who care about, believe in, and hold them to high expectations.


These schools provide great examples of how

Positive Relationships

can look in different Learner-Centered Environments. These exemplar school environments provide a chance to showcase successful implementations and provide support for discussion, learning, and growth.

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Avalon School
High School
Level Up Academy
Paladin Career & Technical High School
High School


Building positive relationships with students: What brain science says

Practical Article:

Getting to Know Students Deeply How to get to know students through “Street Data”.


Street Data: A Next-Generation Model for Equity, Pedagogy, and School Transformation


Student-teacher relationships (3:44)

Ted Talk:

Carlos' Story: watch up to minute 3:41. (full movie 18:51)


To read more about how positive identity helps create a more equitable school environment, see the Equity in Student Centered Learning Guide (pages 10-11).

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