Partner Organizations


2Revolutions works with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K-12 and Higher Education to design, build and implement new learning models and to help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future.

Education Evolving

Education Evolving advances equitable, student-centered learning for all students by supporting teachers designing and leading schools, and by advocating for policy that is open to innovation.

The School Leadership Project

TSLP’s work focuses around supporting community-driven school change efforts that foster new educational leadership within school communities. We offer our support through the design and delivery of immersive learning experiences and the facilitation of strategic conversations and planning that are grounded in communities’ values and aspirations for their children.


AMAZEworks offers Anti-Bias Education curriculum, resources, consultation, and training for schools, as wells cultural assessments, consultation, equity audits, and equity strategic planning for communities, nonprofits, municipalities, and for-profit businesses.

Education Reimagined

The work of Education Reimagined is to elevate, connect, accelerate, and ignite the pockets of learner-centered through storytelling, national learning communities, and creating opportunities for young people, educators, and organizations to collectively advance their work.


EdVisions is a non-profit educational development organization focused on innovation. EdVisions provides training workshops, one-time and ongoing professional development, school assessment and research tools, as well as new school development and school transformation projects.

Teacher-Powered Schools

Teacher-Powered Schools provides resources, support, and connections for educator teams using collaborative leadership to create student-centered learning environments.


The movement needs you!  Connect with local and national advocacy organizations or learn how to lend your voice to the growing number of students demanding learner-centered environments!

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Minnesota Learner-Centered Network


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