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Principles of
Student-Centered Learning

The Minnesota Learner-Centered Network has adopted these seven principles - researched and defined by our partners at Education Evolving - to help describe, identify, and support practices we believe are core tenets of Student-Centered Learning Environments.


While the principles provide a common language, we believe none are prescriptive - all environments must be designed to meet the needs of the community it serves.  

To read the full text of Education Evolving's Research, please see:

Education Evolving's Seven Principles of Student-Centered Learning


Positive Relationships

Students have relationships with adults and peers who care about, believe in, and hold them to high expectations

Exemplar Member Schools 

Paladin Career & Technical Academy

     9-12, Blaine, MN

Avalon School

     6-12, St. Paul MN

Northwest Passage School

    9-12, Coon Rapids, MN

MN New Country School

     K-12, Henderson, MN


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