The mission of Minnesota Learner Centered Network is to connect and empower educators and students to disrupt systemic racism and to transform learning environments to be student-centered; equitable, relevant, engaging and designed with and for all students.


The Minnesota Learner Centered Network envisions an anti-racist society and a just world through an equitable, anti-racist education.


The MLCN is a 501c(3) registered non-profit.

Connect Educators  |  Equip and Encourage  |  Elevate and Accelerate 

MLCN is a grassroots network that is a catalyst to promote equity within education and to accelerate the learner-centered movement in Minnesota.  MLCN elevates the quality work of the members who are moving towards an anti-racist, student centered educational system.

The MLCN will bring fidelity, resilience and sustainability to learner-centered environments within schools, communities and districts across MN.

Why a Network?

"Networks offer a structure for linking people and groups of people with a shared vision and shared values to build and strengthen the relationships necessary to shift big systems."

--Networks: Resourcing Relationships and Interdependence

for an Equitable Future Now, 

by Natalie Bamdad and Alison Lin

June 2022