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The School Leadership Project

Our Mission:

TSLP is an educational strategy and support organization whose work proceeds from the belief that schools can and must play a critical role in the work of social justice.

Our Work:

TSLP was founded by partners Dan Cooley and Katie Barrett Kramer, former teachers and school administrators who have worked with high-performing schools nationally and locally. Dan and Katie bring experience with school startup, strategic school management, community-driven school improvement and innovative school models to their work with schools, school communities and organizations pursuing educational justice.


Together, Dan and Katie work from a shared belief that all children deserve schools worthy of their potential, that schools can and must play a critical role in the work of social justice and that those who are most directly affected by educational inequity must have leadership and authentic decision-making power in the work of reforming our schools and systems.


TSLP offers support to school communities through customized change processes that seek to make space for the leadership of the people closest to the children in those communities – often family members, community elders, school staff and community leaders. TSLP has partnered with a number of schools in the Twin Cities region to pursue community-driven school transformation efforts while also offering regional and national leadership to conversations around school transformation. In all of its work work, TSLP honors the principles of community self-determination and endeavors to support the work of communities that have been traditionally marginalized in our educational system


TSLP partners with a number of regional philanthropies in support of their educational initiatives around student-centered learning. This includes supporting the Bush Foundation’s Learning Journey programs and annual student-centered learning convening. TSLP has also offered leadership development and board development programs in a number of formats with a specific orientation toward educational leadership for social justice and community self-determination.

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