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Teacher-Powered Schools

Our Mission:

Teacher-powered is our language for educator teams that have autonomy and authority to make final decisions at their school site in areas impacting student success. As a teacher-powered community we strive to rise above traditional education dichotomies and tensions and remain focused on creating student-centered learning communities designed and led by professional educators at the school site. We are a respectful, inclusive, and passionate group dedicated to improving the education system and serving all students in our local communities.

Our Work:

Teacher-Powered Schools is qualified to help in these ways: 

● Resources on the Teacher-Powered website including A Steps Guide to Creating a Teacher-Powered School, a Site Guide for Visiting a Teacher-Powered School, Discussion Starters on 8 topics, and A Guide for Site Administrators. 

● Coaching by Teacher-Powered Staff and Ambassadors 

● Teacher-Powered Regional Network events, activities, and local resources 

● Teacher-Powered Schools National Conferences 

● Teacher-Powered Modules for team training in autonomies, shared purpose, shared leadership, personnel, and peer observation/evaluation 

● Teacher-Powered regional and national newsletters to keep up to date with resources as we develop them as well as school stories, blogs, and teacher-powered opportunities 

● Introductions, connections, and recommendations of educators, schools, and organizations to reach out to for your specific needs. 


Have a question or don’t know where to start? Email Amy Junge at

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