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Our Mission:

The Headrush Learning team is in service to liberate learning from the confines of traditional thinking and foster self-empowered learners who are future-ready.

Our Work:

Headrush Learning was founded in 2017 as a convergence of its founders' 15+ years of experience starting up, working in, and supporting learner-centered schools.

That firsthand experience combined with the support of several learner-centered Minnesota schools helped launch the Headrush Learning Platform. Today Headrush serves some of the most inspiring learner-centered schools in the world.  

The team's work is guided by the following principles:

  1. Meet learners where they are

  2. Facilitate meaningful experiences for learners supported by mentors

  3. Inspire, motivate & connect learners with learning opportunities

  4. Express learning to the world

Founders Mike, Shane, and Jeff knew firsthand how limited the options were for truly learner-centered schools:

  • Traditional learning systems stifled the kind of model the three believed best for learning;

  • Home grown systems were easy to start, but hard to maintain;

  • More generic solutions put student agency far behind more teacher-directed activities.

The feedback, excitement, and validation of the first five customers has fueled growth that has allowed Headrush to grow the team and serve 10,000+ learners, across 3 continents.

Beyond serving many schools with the MNLCN, the Headrush team connects like-minded educators, curates best practice resources, and helps sponsor teacher-powered initiatives.

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