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Education Evolving

Our Mission:

Preparing students for a 21st century world, and equitably honoring the potential in all students, will require rethinking the design of learning. Schools must be designed with students at the center. We are a Minnesota-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization driving transformational designs for learning, larger professional roles for teachers, and policy environments that enable and encourage innovation.

Our Work:

Education Evolving contributes ideas, research, analysis, and stories to enrich and inspire the conversation on education redesign. This includes publishing reports, memos, FAQs; writing a blog; hosting public events with guest speakers; and more.


We work—in collaboration with legislators, communities, education organizations, and educators—to advance policy recommendations that clear barriers, create opportunities, and provide encouragement for high quality, equitable, student-centered learning.


We connect and support a core group of schools using innovative designs for student-centered learning and collaborative leadership. We do this by hosting convenings; weaving a network and making introductions; producing resources and guides; and partnering with other organizations who provide more direct support to schools.

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