Our Mission:

2Revolutions is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system.

Our Work:

Everyone sees the problem. The world is changing much faster than our schools have been able to respond. We are failing to equip most young people with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to be successful. Commitment to “reform” isn’t enough, but for most leaders it is difficult to navigate the journey – What should they aim at?  Where and how should they begin?


At 2Rev, we disrupt the status quo by giving education leaders and practitioners permission and support to innovate. With a user-centered design approach, we help entrepreneurial educators pull the very change levers available to them to make significant and lasting change. We are partners in transformation.


At 2Revolutions, we help our partners to rethink what school should look like in today's world.  We help schools and districts design new learning models and implement them over time. At the system level, we help districts and states rethink policies and systems to better support new learning models.  At the practitioner level, we provide personalized capacity building to help teachers teach in more student-centered and competency-based learning environments.